Ricordi is one of the major manufactures and restorers of artistic continous floors. It operates all over the Italian territory and abroad. Thanks to its two product lines, it can meet any aesthetical need, matching its floors with the furniture and the architecture of the building.

is a manufacturer of both modern Venetian terrazzo floors, made of marble and concrete, and of traditional terrazzo floors, such as the cocciopesto (crushed bricks) and natural pastellone (fine mineral powder) floors. Floors can be embellished with simple or complex decorations, such ad mosaics, marble chip rows or elaborated friezes made with the help of specific moulds. All the Collezione Ricordi’s terrazzo floors, no matter weather they are modern or traditional, are made without joints, just like the authentic Venetian floors.

(floor art and technology) focuses on colour matching. Its modern pastellone floors make use of natural raw materials as well as of cutting edge binders, thus providing an unlimited chromatic range.